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He was left unsupervised and alone all day. After a year of working there, he challenged me to set what I call a Breakthrough goal—a goal that would quantum leap my success and would require me to stretch and grow in order to achieve it. I was hired to work in his foundation and teach his principles of success to schoolteachers to incorporate into their classrooms. Your Subconscious Mind: Examples of your subconscious are memories, beliefs, fears and subjective maps of reality.

EPISODE 8: “Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind For Health, Wealth And Happiness”

Have you thought about it? If you are fully in alignment with your objectives, choosing the right input becomes much easier. I think I know exactly what Murphy was saying here. I can attest to the fact that my false concepts of God led me down a path of misery. In , I went through a period of depression. Up until that point, I had felt that there was a clear path laid out ahead of me.

Suddenly, that path disappeared and I could no longer see what was ahead. I cried out to God, but to no avail. My prayers kept hitting the ceiling. An important part of this is daily affirmations so click the image below to learn more about them. Order by Phone: Contact Customer Support. Based on the fascinating movie Beyond Belief, this book explores the power of the subconscious mind and how our beliefs create our reality.

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Discover how. Beyond the Power of Your Subconscious Mind is a book filled with the incredible promise for those readers who may better understand the TRUE relationship. Search in title. Search in content. Search in excerpt. Search in posts. Search in pages. Success amp Goal Achievement. Speaking amp Writing. It would also open all available channels to the conscious mind for information on how to do that. When your goal becomes the consuming obsession of your life and you have the burning desire to see it come true, then you will be successful.

When you have set your subconscious mind on the task backed up by that strong emotion, then it would allow you to see the opportunities in life that would lead you to your goal. The best athletes become the best only because of their burning desire to be number one. There is nothing else that they want from life, except this. This is the dominating dream of their life. They are willing to do what it takes to achieve it:. Start with defining your goal. Make it as specific as possible. Make it as realistic as possible. Write it down somewhere and feel it.

Then, burn your bridges.

The Higher Self and The Chatterbox

Destroy any safe boats that you might keep just in case something messes up. Our mind has evolved to help us survive and it is then when it achieves the best results.

By burning the bridges, you set your mind in survival mode and the only way left is way ahead — towards the goal. Another very powerful tool is to fill your life with small achievements that lead you towards the goal. If you want to lose X kg of weight, start each day by looking at the graph of your progress so far.

Hopefully, it is going down in general, even if there are small bumps.

Put a picture on your desk of someone who has the perfect weight and look at it every day. Last but not least, find what energizes you to work on your goal and use it. It could be positive people that encourage you. Or a motivational video.


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Or even an energizing song. In any way, make sure that the burning desire to achieve your goal is part of your every day! Behind the scenes, your subconscious mind will be bombarded with thoughts about your goal, reinforced by the burning desire to achieve it. The most powerful, positive emotions are faith, love and sex.

The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy - Full Audio Book - Mind Power

The first two are more spiritual, the last one is more biological. When all of them are present, they empower any thought and it can easily enter the subconscious mind. Then, it will act on the thought and will translate it into actions, opportunities and ideas. Faith is a state of mind, which may be induced, or created, by affirmation or repeated instructions to the subconscious mind, through the principle of auto-suggestion.

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Faith is different than hope, because when we have faith, we are sure in the outcome. And when we hope, we are merely suggesting to yourself one possible scenario in uncertain circumstances. And the next step towards achieving your goal is to visualize it. It is based on having faith in the outcome. Not hoping that the desired outcome will be true, but believing that it is already true. One of the most powerful techniques is visualizing your life when your desire is already fulfilled.

Set aside several minutes a day to close your eyes and imagine your life after you have achieved your goal. Make it as vivid as possible:. Another tool is a physical preparation. If you want to be famous, then start wearing those brackets to fix your teeth NOW. And if you want a romantic relationship, buy an extra toothbrush and put it in your bathroom.

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And last but not least, let go of your attachment to outcomes. You can never plan how exactly your desire will manifest itself. Do not narrow down on the options that you have at the moment but rather adopt an open mind and have faith in the unfolding of your dreams. As we already established, the communication between the conscious and the subconscious mind is two-way. You give your subconscious mind tasks, desires and goals. And it gives you back information, opportunities and ideas. Have you ever wondered why there are certain people who easily spot new opportunities?

This happens because their subconscious mind feeds them more information on a specific subject, than what the other people usually get. Have you ever noticed that as soon as you really decide to do something, there soon comes an opportunity that allows you to do it?

This is because when you make the decision, you form a thought and imbue it with desire and faith. And you suddenly start receiving the information that you need to achieve it. We have already established that your subconscious mind receives all information that your senses generate. It then filters the information and decides what to pass to the conscious mind. The difference between those two outcomes is called threshold for conscious perception. This is the difference between spotting an opportunity and missing it.

It is only the matter of the mode in which you have set your subconscious mind and the load of tasks you have given it. When you have a goal, when you have powered it with desire and when you have faith in the outcome, then you will start noticing the opportunities to fulfill that dream.

Everything else is filtered out, rejected and stored in your memories. You main gain access to it in the future, when you have other goals, but for the time being it is beyond the reach of the conscious mind. Nature has given humans an absolute control over the information that enters the subconscious mind, through the five senses. However, this does not mean that everyone exercises this control.

Even more, in the majority of cases the average person does not exercise this control.