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Statistics have long revealed that young Christians have bought these lies along with their unsaved friends. He also refers to Himself as love. Many in the next generation find these two attributes as mutually exclusive, diminishing holiness in favour of love or diminishing love in favour of holiness. Since God does neither, both will be our focus this month.

Pray for our churches and youth leaders to be able to understand and communicate a God who is Holy as well as loving. Pray that the next generation will understand that holiness is not perfection and that it is possible and desirable to be set apart. Pray for a revival of holiness in our churches, schools, campuses and workplaces.

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Sins of flesh or thought or actions Pray that our children will understand the difference between lust and love. Pray that they will hate sin because God hates sin and will seek to love God by obeying His commandments. Pray for the shame that comes from sin and exposure to lust to be broken. Pray for a hunger and thirst to know a God who loves them and who they love and the courage to obey His commandments.

ACTION Have a conversation with a young person about the positives and possibility of holiness and purity as a lifestyle. Los medios reflejaran los valores de nuestra cultura, que iguala el amor con sexo y lujuria y es un valor que creen debe ser perseguido. Como Dios no hace ninguna de las dos, este mes nos enfocaremos en el amor. I apologize for not being in touch at the beginning of the month with the usual prayer and fast reminder.

Unfortunately our family closed out with my 94 year old father being admitted to hospital. Dementia and frailness have made it a challenging and exhausting journey to match needs and care for him. Any of you who have or are experiencing a similar situation will no doubt relate. However, we now have things in place and I am once again picking up those things I have had to set aside. Helene, who is part of the Deborah Arise core team and whose Blog you read on our website sent me this quote from Theodore Roosevelt.

I wanted to share it with you for It is taken from her most recent blog, Onward Christian Soldier, that can be read at www. And never quit. Because he never lost sight of where he was headed…. Jesus came as hope in the flesh, tangible hope for individuals, families and nations. Scripture refers to him as the blessed hope, the hope of Israel and indeed the hope as well as the light of the world. What an awesome time of the year to remember this. When governments are shifting or in turmoil, when families are struggling with unrest or strife we can declare to the next generation …that Jesus has been born and given personally to us.

We can declare that He alone carries a government on His shoulder and He alone offers peace to individuals, families and nations. So be hopeful….

Rejoice over the children who have been born this year and the many youth who have been saved or returned to Him. Pray that hopeful, good news stories that point to Jesus will flood the media and many children and youth will come know Him. Pray for peace and love and joy to return to homes where alcohol and drugs have marred Christmas with violence and despair. Pray for a spirit of reconciliation to hover over families where division and strife have reigned.

Pray for those who are estranged from or who have lost a family member, that the Comforter will surround them.

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Pray for parents to navigate the pressures of commercialism with wisdom and creativity. We at Deborah Arise pray for all of you to experience a fresh hope this season that will carry through to the New Year. We continue to consider it a privilege to pray with you for the next generation. Be blessed, Be joyful, Be hopeful!

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This subject is delicate but pervasive. The information in this trailer regarding the influence pornography has had on the next generation cannot be ignored and therefore requires our attention and more importantly our prayers. A Special prayer directive add on: Please pray for the U. S elections and that believers would vote and be led by the Holy Spirit.

Tuesday November 8th 1-Our generation to get educated on the subject without getting tainted or in fear and its effects on our children. Wednesday November 9th 1-Pray that where Internet portals in Schools and Universities have allowed the streaming of any form of pornography that these would be shut down. The Holy Spirit, our comforter, is there to help us. Este tema es delicado y muy penetrante. Por favor temores un tiempo para verlo, se llama : "Para Mayores de La pregunta no es Suficiente" Dura unicamente tres minutos, y esta en un archivo adjunto a este correo.

Miercoles Noviembre 9 1- Oren para que los portales en las escuelas y universidades, que han sido invadidos por la pornografia, sean cerrados. I will praise you every day. Paula A Price defines Halloween… Oct. It is a high offering day for witches, sorcerers, and occultists of all kinds.

Those who celebrate it seek to exalt profanity, uncleanness and demonic spirits. Pray that all our children will be filled with the knowledge of His will and have the hearts to walk in His ways. Tuesday October 4th Please pray that the Name of Jesus is over every child we are joining in prayer for …name specific names that come to mind.

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Pray that this generation will be known by their Godly wisdom. Wednesday October 5th Please pray regarding Halloween that believing children will be wise in what is good and innocent in evil.

Returning to the Father

Pray that all ages of the next generation will have heightened discernment in spiritual matters. Pray for conviction of truth and creative ways of escape from evil activities disguised as good. Pray for angelic protection over the next generation this month. Coloreases Gracia y paz a vosotros Apocalipsis Sean sabios para el bien, e ingenuos para el mal. Nos regocijamos en la bondad de la provision de Dios, estamos agradecidos por Su fidelidad en nuestras vidas, y estamos conscientes que el mal existe y busca de invadir nuestra vida con su obscuridad durante Halloween.

Paula A price define Halloween Oren para que sus mentes emociones y voluntad, sean alineadas con la verdad y planes de Dios para sus vidas. America www, pray30fast3. A fresh start for some with new situations and new, exciting pressures to navigate. For others it is a return to something familiar with its own delights or anxieties. For mothers and grandmothers it is a fresh call to prayer or involvement. It is a fresh call to trust God with our children. I hold fast my righteousness and will not let go. Pray that the Holy Spirit would strengthen them with love, wisdom and might for every situation they will face during the school year.

Pray for special protection over those who have had previous negative school experiences whether with teachers or other students. Tuesday September 5th Please pray for our children to be light and salt in their schools.

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Pray that each one knows they belong to God and are called by Him. Out of that revelation pray that they have His thoughts, speak His words and demonstrate His integrity in their actions. Wednesday September 6th Please pray patience, wisdom and compassion for all teachers including home schooling Moms. Pray for an atmosphere of love and peace and order to reign in classrooms. Pray for Holy Spirit to make a way for those who need to change classes to be able to do so.

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Pray for the minds of all students to be strengthened and for God to create the pathways of knowledge they will need to comprehend classes. Watch for a child who is going home to an empty house and take time to find out how school is going. Para otros es el regreso a algo familiar con sus placeres y ansiedades. Para las madres y abuelas en un fresco reinicio para orar. Efesios Martes Septiembre 6 Por favor oren para que nuestros hijos sean sal y luz en sus escuelas Oren para que cada uno de ellos sepa que le pertenecen a Dios y que son llamados por El. Oren por un atmosfera de amor y paz y orden, para que reine en los salones de clase.

It seems right and good to devote our summer DA prayer and fast times to lifting up our families and all families.