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MAIN POINT: Most people remain broke without ever reaping a tremendous harvest because they lust for the harvest, but are unwilling to spend the money necessary to acquire, plant, and cultivate the seed. Read the series.

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Read recent posts. Yes I am sowing seed. I have signed up for auto tiedes to come from my checking account as well as consistantly saving for a downpayment on my retirement home. Still trying to stop digging my own hole but I have a real shopping addiction which is sometimes hard to control. Bills are being paid with the help of your budget and dreams are being realized paying on a Medetrainian Cruise.

So please keep me in prayer.

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A friend of mine retweeted your link to this article this morning. This biblical text has nothing to do with money. Shame on you for that. As a hobby farmer, and a member of CSA, I must also note that your point about the cost of seeds is out of proportion with your thesis.

You Cannot Harvest What You Have Not Sown – Jews for Jesus

The harvested crop is worth significantly more. Putting money into a savings account? When or what am I sowing? How is this helpful to anyone—even financially? Your entire post and title and tweet sound distinctly like the Prosperity Gospel peddled by lesser men. Why would you even want that potential association?

Frank, I agree with only one point you made — that is number 4. Then I realized that this article has so many applications it would have been detrimental to be specific. We sow seeds in many ways. How do we expect others to be kind to us if we are sowing seeds of discourse? Relationally, we cannot reap the harvest of friendship, family, and marriage unless we sow seeds of Love and Time. In our Christian walk, we cannot reap the harvest of growth until we invest in the seeds of faith.

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This is about reaping what you sow. As for the Bible verses mentioned, it is a parable.

The Power of the Seed – Morris Cerullo World Evangelism

In parables we are taught to understand the principle being taught and not the specific example. In the kingdom of God, we are to sow seeds of truth to harvest the souls of the unsaved into salvation. However, the principle being taught is that you have to plant the seed to get the harvest and THAT principle has a multitude of uses. Thanks for this, Joe! The Lord spoke through you, my husband has been wanting to start up his business that the Lord has called him to start!! However you may not be to blame. Parents might do everything possible to bring up children well, yet one child falls into bad company and becomes a criminal.

Those who have sown good seed in your local church are mindful of how ready the enemy is to destroy their labour and its fruits, and to leave them with a harvest of thorns. The grain stalk has no head. It will yield no flour. Even if it were to yield, strangers would devour it.


A wife or husband thinks that a little flirtation is harmless, only to find it develops into a shattering of lives and relationships. We may reap more than we dreamed of from the seed we sow. This also has its bright side. Goodness can overcome the whirlwind. Your small labour of love may seem such a small and vulnerable seed.

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  5. Yet it could produce an unimagined harvest of good. You never know. God is not mocked.

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    For whatever you sow, that will you reap. For if you sow to your flesh, you will reap corruption from the flesh. But if you sow to the Spirit, you will reap eternal life from the Spirit. No seed can produce except after its own kind. If we sow evil, we reap evil. You cannot sow to the flesh and reap from the Spirit. You cannot sow seeds of digression and reap true discipleship. Of course the seed sown is not the harvest reaped. For example, flirting is not fornicating.

    The Seven Laws of the Harvest

    But one grows out of the other, and therefore we must warn against the one whilst not accusing of the other. The more good we sow, the more good we reap. Let us be generous and bountiful in sowing good seed. That is true in the garden. One is like the Son of Man.