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Looks like a bit of Romantic Dr. Kim to me Well both Leads are really good so I might give this a try.. Go Kyung Pyo is doing good these days.. His acting is really on the spot.

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I don't know but I like his voice Could be interesting. I could do without the title reminder of God's Gift and Golden Cross though.

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I wonder how many dramas a Korean actor can do in a year? I grew up watching HK dramas and back then, HK actors can do up to 4 dramas per year. I think HK and China have bigger entertainment industry - they have many drama that also released as web series if I'm not mistaken. Until now, one actor can do drama in one year because all are pre-produced. Sometimes the shooting already done this year, but might only be released after one-two years, and sometimes one actor might have two different drama airing at the same time.

K-ent industry might be more popular the hallyu wave but I don't think they produced drama as much as China in a year. Korea also has smaller TV broadcasters than China. That's why the same faces headlined drama more than twice a year are noticeable because not every single actor do that in Korea.

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It isn't an issue for supporting actors who are doing many drama, but it seems not a case for main actors. Comparison between supporting and main actors in doing many drama in one year also doesn't make sense since supporting actors only appear in short amount of time,unlike main actors. Some actors might also have their own preference in taking the project -such as putting around 6 months gap between each project. It is because after months of shooting for normal series , they need some break so they can re-fresh themselves for next role and be apart from their previous role - talk about how to maintain the quality of their performance.

Not always the case because it depends on offers too. Thanks for the insight. Because it seems to me that Korean stars typically do maximum one drama per year. Only recently I read of K-actors headlining more than one drama per year. Jang-hyuk has been doing two drama in one year from years ago. He is one of the actors who is actively doing projects including movies without taking long break. His style usually one drama in early of the year, and the next drama after months at least.

I don't have any big problem with actors do many drama in one year, but watching them after each project without some break maybe gap around 3 months made me feel a little bored, and that's my feeling watching Go Kyung-pyo in SD now which is some lackluster drama after he did Chicago Typewriter around 2 months before this drama started.

The usual is 1 or 2 for lead actors. Top actors do once every few years because they can rely on CF money. China, Hong Kong and Taiwan are a different story. The highest record for Taiwan is 7 dramas a year by Wallace Huo I think.

Their market is more competitive so actors, even top-tier ones, film up to dramas per year. I prefer it this way though because as fans, we can watch them more frequently. It helps that their market is bigger as well, and they have more TV channels. They also air episodes per night so the dramas end faster, making way for more dramas to air per year. Then the female lead would be Chae Soo Bin.. They should take a break together.. The shortest we can see him on the screen if he accept it the next 3 months Jan , or the longest is 8 months June It is not that he jump from SD filming site to Cross filming site after few days.

Got months gap there. Kim So-hyun currently starring in Tale of Nokdu talks about acting, her hobbies, and more in this latest Ask an Actor video. The sometimes tough, sometimes soft, sometimes funny and a lot more! Jang Hyuk sits down to answer questions sent by our community.

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Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna. Cross Favorite. This better have a good ending Should they have called it Cross: God's Gift—13 Years instead? A savant? Go Kyung-pyo as a doctor? How about The Good Doctor's Reply?

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His reply is revenge, sweet murdery revenge. Waiting for someone to say that he's been doing too many dramas Oppas can do no wrong, don't be silly. They have exactly the same situation but very different 'treatment' from the viewers Hard working actor is cool but hard working actress is desperate.. It makes me sad.. Jolly September 20, at AM. This guy's beginning to take the piss too though.

C September 20, at AM. Jolly September 20, at PM. C September 20, at PM. Rome September 20, at PM. Piki September 20, at PM. A September 21, at AM.

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Dee September 20, at AM. LOL- so fitting. Jongjae September 21, at AM. I never thought he is a good actor.