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You are able to add up to custom fields per record type. Record types are different areas of business within the application. They indicate where the custom fields are located. For example, if you create a custom field for an Order Record, you would go to any Order to see the Custom field tab.

Reports : Fields can be accessed through search criteria and added as a column for the results. For more information regarding Search reports, click here. Merge Fields : A placeholder used to insert personalized content into a marketing piece such as an email. For more information, click here. Automation : Automate actions through web forms, landing pages, internal forms, timers, and appointments.

Only Contact records are available for automate actions. Referral Partner. Headers - The header groups fields within the tab. There may be multiple headers under one tab. Field - Holds information about a contact. There may be multiple fields within one header. The " Field Name " should be short, descriptive, include at least one alphanumeric character, and be unique.

When you delete a custom field, all data contained in the field will be removed forever. This process cannot be undone! Any links we provide from non-Infusionsoft sites or information about non-Infusionsoft products or services are provided as a courtesy and should not be construed as an endorsement by Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft Refine Getting Started. Essential Articles. My Nav. Referral Partners. Campaign Builder. Lead Generation. Marketing Settings.

Marketing Reports. E-Commerce Order Management.

E-Commerce Payment Setup. E-Commerce Actions. E-Commerce Promotions. E-Commerce Reporting. E-Commerce Settings. In Lightning Experience, view an account hierarchy using the Actions dropdown menu. Users expand or collapse parts of a hierarchy as they navigate through it. They can view up to 2, accounts from each point where they enter a hierarchy. Account hierarchies are derived from the Parent Account field on accounts.

In Lightning Experience, view the contact hierarchy from the Actions dropdown menu on the contact record page.

Scenario: Claims Entity

To customize the account hierarchy columns, from Setup in Lightning Experience, click the Object Manager tab. In Account , click Hierarchy Columns , and then edit the columns. This customization is independent of the standard Recently Viewed Accounts list view. Likewise, to customize the contact hierarchy columns, in Contact, click Hierarchy Columns , and then edit the columns. The Contacts to Multiple Accounts feature lets you relate a single contact to multiple accounts so that you can easily track the relationships between people and businesses—without creating duplicate records.

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When the feature is set up, account records include the Related Contacts related list and contact records include the Related Accounts related list. Another bonus to using Lightning Experience: When a rep transfers an account or an opportunity to a different owner, you also have the flexibility to transfer related records such as cases, just as in Salesforce Classic. Explore the Opportunity Workspace Opportunities have gotten a makeover! Path Best Practices Provide guidance for success content, like links to Chatter posts and videos, tips, or policy reminders—anything that can help sales reps get closer to sealing the deal.

Sales Management Definition, Process, Strategies and Resources

Keep your system performance optimal by creating sales paths that have 20 or fewer stages. For example, in the record type New Business, include more prospecting-related fields, but in the record type Existing Customer, include a field or stage for renewals. Activity Timeline With the activity timeline, your sales reps can keep a finger on the pulse of their deals. Activity Timeline Considerations When working with the activity timeline, keep the following in mind.

Custom Fields for Sales

Adjust your page layouts, record types, and user permissions. The activity timeline replaces the Open Activities and Activity History related lists Now you can choose between the activity timeline and activities related lists, which is similar to Salesforce Classic. Users can switch between options whenever they want. Input Tax Input tax is the tax paid by registered person on the taxable goods and services purchased or acquired by him.

Output Tax It is the sales tax charged and levied on the sale or supply of goods or services on which sales tax is leviable.

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  • Scope of Sales Tax Sales tax applies to the following: Goods All goods are taxable except those that have been exempted under section 13 as mentioned under 6th Schedule of the Sales Tax Act, Imports into Pakistan All goods imported into Pakistan are liable to sales tax at the time of import, except goods specifically exempted under section 13 as mentioned in Sixth Schedule to the Act. All rights reserved.

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